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Cape Town is one of the most beautiful places on earth! But that is not why we came here. We were drawn to join All Nations, a non-denominational missions organization, that focuses on discipleship and church planting among the unreached people groups of the world. All Nations is based out of Kansas City and Cape Town.

South Africa drew us in by its unique history, its variation of people groups, and its stark poverty. This truly African culture contrasts dramatically against the Western influence of Dutch and English settlers. We also selfishly delight in the fact that because there are so many different people groups and languages (11 official ones), English is widely spoken and we have been able to minister freely with it. This country is known for having the second highest crime rate in the world, one of the highest HIV/AIDS rates in Africa (estimated to be 20-40% of the population), as well as an unfortunate reputation for being “the rape capital of the world”.

These traumatic statistics can be overwhelming, but we like to focus on Africa’s potential. South Africa blooms in beauty, radiance, and resilience. The many different faces and colors of her people are striking, and many are full of hope. We believe that redemption is hiding in various corners of this country. While South Africa is a country that was ravished and held captive for many years, it now faces a future of freedom and racial reconciliation. We have gladly joined the battle to see all of God’s purposes come to pass for this country and continent.

We work & live in South Africa but have ministry opportunities in other African countries as well as the Middle East.  Our aim is to expand and strengthen God’s Kingdom. This Kingdom is full of restoration, empowerment, health, mercy, and justice. Africa has been evangelized and told about Jesus, but as a whole it has not developed strong discipleship. Discipleship, as we see it, is the learning experience of attempting to follow the example of Jesus. This is the foundation and core motivation of our work.

We long to see the person of Jesus glorified and His family get bigger and bigger as He empowers Africa, one person at a time. We are seeing this done in various ways. Bethany founded and directs Baby Safe International. This is a registered non-profit organization both in South Africa and the US. It has been Baby Safe’s mission for 6 years to prevent baby dumping, intervene with abandoned babies, support pregnant women in crisis, and empower mother is need. As of 2014, Baby Safe is in transition and is currently focused on equipping new groups to establish a similar outreach to women and babies. To learn more, visit the website.