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We literally can not do this work with out the support of others!!

We need your help, here are ways you can join us:

– We’d love for you to consider joining us physically here in Capetown, either as an intern, to bring a mission’s team or to participate in training opportunities.

– If you’d like our blog updates and our other news, please just enter your info here.

– If you’d like to join us as part of our personal prayer team, we’d love to have you! We regularly send out prayer requests through email… just respond here.

We plan a trip to the States once a year, where we connect with our partners! We would love to schedule a time to come and share with you, your church or your small group, please email to learn more   (

– If you’d like to make a financial donation, you can donate at the bottom of this page.

We are in South Africa on volunteer visas, and are completely dependent on God, through others, for monthly income for our living expenses. We love this lifestyle, as we remain connected to our friends all around the world, and as it builds our faith in & dependency on Him. We see our needs met day after day, month after month.

We would like to invite you to partner with us through a one time gift or a monthly partnership and there are 3 ways to do this.

1) For a tax deductible donation send checks to:

Trek Mission Fellowship
4676 Commercial St. SE #1
Salem, Oregon 97302

For tax purposes please include a note ( separate from the check) indicating the that you “prefer” the amount be given to John & Bethany.

2) If you would like to join our team as a consistent giver (this is our greatest need!!), please send a note indicating this, and you will be mailed self-addressed and stamped envelopes for your convenience each month. To learn more about this read our “faq’s” page. You can also sign up with your bank under “auto bill pay” to have them send a check automatically every month to the above address.

3) If  you do not care about a tax deduction, you are welcome to give electronically through paypal, using the button below. This option comes directly to us immediately.

4) To give electronically with a tax deduction, you can do so here through Baby Safe. Please include a note in the reference section that you wish you gift to be applied to the Arndts.