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Couple visits the safe their adopted baby was left in.

April 22nd, 2012 by | Leave a comment

A German couple visited our original baby safe recently. They were not there to see how to volunteer, or to learn how to install and manage their own baby safe like most others. They came because their newly adopted daughter was left in it last August.

Emotional? Yes. But joy and gratitude were the strongest feelings they expressed. She wasn’t dumped in the ditch, bushes, or rubbish heap. Her mother made a well thought out plan in not being able to care for her child. Sure it was a last resort, but it in fact was a bold choice and we rejoiced with this family as they learned about where there baby came from.


new safes = new babies

February 20th, 2012 by | Leave a comment

These four baby safes will be finished this week. One is going to Johannesburg and one is going to Swaziland, both places are rife with baby dumping. One will replace our original safe here in the valley, and the other is meant to be installed in Masiphumelele.

This little sweetheart was left at 11am in our Fish Hoek safe last week. I wish I could show you her ultra adorable face. We estimated her to be 5 months, although its hard to say exactly. She was healthy although clearly stressed by the days events, unable to eat at first and very tense. Meehan & Dan had her for the night before she was transfered to her foster home, pre-adoption. In her first hours she would only stop crying if she was swinging on the tire swing Dan erected hanging from there shower rod.

We are excited about new baby safe sites. The one going to Johannesburg is headed to a ministry that largely inspired the founding of Baby Safe. They are set up in JOburg city centre, an urban sprawl of poverty and crime. For years they have run a “hole in the wall” attached to a children’s home, similar to a baby safe its meant to collect unwanted babies. They run half a dozen children’s homes and have received hundreds of babies through their “Door of Hope”. We were honored when they contacted us to order a baby safe providing them with newer and safer features, in order to save more lives.

mom secretly leaves baby at 5am

January 22nd, 2012 by | Leave a comment

Dec 14th, my phone rang at 5am. It was the baby safe calling. If you don’t know what a baby safe is, its a devise installed in high risk baby dumping area. Someone can anonymously leave their baby there safely, as an alternative to discarding the baby secretly (

Our local, original safe called Meehan as well, she was on call. She arrived at the safe within three minutes. We often have false alarms, people open the safe to look out of curiosity and it is so sensitive that it still calls us. As she peeked inside she was surprised to find a newborn baby boy. He appeared at least several days old from the looks of his umbilical chord.

With dark hair and big brown eyes, he appeared to have African features but its very hard to determine the race of a newborn baby. Many African babies are born light skinned and darken as they age. He could also be coloured (coloured is a non offensive term for a mixed race people group in South Africa).

This little boy was medically evaluated and was healthy and happy. Meehan and her husband are also a safety family, so they took him temporarily. Whomever is the first responder on our team, gets the honor of naming the abandoned baby.

His adoption process is well under way. We delight in the fact that whoever left him chose to give him life, even though he couldn’t be cared for by them. We pray for her heart to find comfort and peace. We also believe this little boy was spared and is set apart for a unique destiny.

Thanksgiving Baby

January 14th, 2012 by | Leave a comment

We started off giving thanks because we were celebrating the November American holiday; approximately 16 of us Americans had gathered to eat, drink, and be merry. The turkey was almost done but then the phone rang.

One of the local police departments had just been brought a newborn baby who was found in the bushes, could Baby Safe help? Always eager to receive so precious a life, Meehan, a staff member and fellow American preparing to feast was sent to the police to get the full story, confirm the baby’s health, and take her home for the weekend.

Dan & Meehan returned a couple hours later with the sweetest little chocolate skinned bundle. By the looks of her umbilical cord she was less than a week old. We named her Naomi Rae.  Naomi means “pleasant” and Naomi from the Bible, also lost her blood relatives but God gave her Ruth and Ruth CHOSE to be her family. Rae means “wise protection.”

We gave thanks that she was indeed protected and found in time. She is now in process to be adopted.

photo altered to protect her identity.