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Monthly Archives: June 2014

A Letter to Singles

June 3rd, 2014 by | Leave a comment

So a friend emailed recently, asking for advice/encouragement in her journey. I replied with something off hand… but when she replied to that I reread what I wrote, and found it encouraged even me, who only wrote it a month ago.

” Here is my encouragement to you with your hope and desire for marriage, romance, and fulfilment of your deepest desire and concerning this guy. Try to step away from the table.. you know the table we all sit at waiting with knife and fork in our hands, looking and waiting and smelling what He is preparing. Sometimes we are perched with hungry hearts and so much excitement and longing for what He is making. We are waiting, seated, looking….

But a better picture I challenge you to engage in, although I am sure you do mostly, but to pursue it even more, stepping away from from the table, setting the fork, and knife down, taking your eyes off the plate and ignore the smell for a bit, but step back. You can stand by the table, ( your not leaving the room)  but stand with arms lifted high, your voice being lifted in constant praise, adoration, affection and worship for who HE is. Attempt to worship with no ulterior motives… you know how we come to give to Him, but always hoping and wanting Him to speak to and impart to us? The Lord has challenged me in this, that my prayer life is excellent but my walk has been imbalanced as I pray more than I worship. It doesn’t matter that most is for others… its imbalanced if we are not equally if not more engaged in worship and praise then we are petitioning and listening.


When my son runs up to me totally unsolicited and hugs my leg or neck, or looks up at me with an unexpected kiss; there is no greater feeling to a parent. I didn’t ask for it, I wasn’t even looking for it, but it was a spontaneous expression of his heart for me; he wanted to express love to me. He knows I will hug back, and its okay when we expect to receive in worship… He will always hug back. But what if we come all day, everyday, regardless of what we will get out of it, and offer our hearts in adoration and affection, maybe when we run out of words and songs we just praise with our spirits.

If your human you will always be glancing back to see if the food is coming along, you will be tempted to look, gaze, and check in, and see if the table is set, is the time getting closer? But the daily, weekly, monthly pursuit of worship as your end goal, to offer to him a heart that appreciates who He is, (more than what He does) rejoicing in what He already did.; this will cultivate deeper intimacy with Him, pleasure in Him, enjoyment of Him and then the wait time flies by, and you may even step back and wonder if this was the feast He was preparing after all. ”

If your waiting for something you feel He has promised, I bless you with  patience, a heart of intense gratitude, faith, trust and increasing delight in the ONE who is here, who has already granted us more than we can understand.

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