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Miraculous Healing #2

Over a year ago I met a lady in YWAM who explained that her Fibromyalgia was healed after doing a treatment called NET (Neuro Emotional Treatment). She said her symptoms vanished and she got her life back; she could cook and clean for her family again and her pain totally subsided. A few months later a friend from The States was here and was talking about how she did the same NET and her chronic back pain from a car accident was also healed.

After praying on it for a year and mostly waiting for the next time we went back to the states, where it is offered, I knew I was supposed to do it. It wasn’t just the testimonies of these two people but words the Lord has told me about healing me “spirit, soul, and body.” I found a Jesus following practitioner in Tulsa who is  set up two weeks work of appointments for when we were going to be there.

Over the last 7 years I have seen a half dozen physical therapists, three different TMJ specialists, a couple Osteopaths, a Rhuematologist, several general physicians, an Endocrinologist, multiple chiropractors,  a dozen massage therapists; have tried cranio sacral therapy, body stress release, homeapathy, acupuncture, sugar free & gluten free diet, exercise, dozens of drugs, counseling, a part time work schedule, and TONS of PRAYER (I mean tons!). Many of these things have helped but nothing has given me the in depth results like NET.

In a nut shell, NET is a mind-body technique that uses a methodology of finding and removing neurological imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved stress.  NET is a tool that can help improve many behavioral and physical conditions. It is actually quite fascinating the way that it is done, but its difficult to explain. Ultimately the procedure does two things… 1) Identifies substances that your body is not processing correctly (i.e. foods, hormone, vitamins & minerals) and 2) Through muscle response it identifies current & past emotional stressors that caused a pysiological response that has contributed to chronic pain or disease.

For instance, I learned that people who live in chronic pain are actually much more sensitive to new sources of pain. During assessment I showed to react to a specific pain hormone called Keflin (sp?). Four weeks before we cleared this substance I started having extreme pain in my tailbone and surrounding muscles. I soon discovered it was due to pregnancy, from the baby’s head being down there moving things around. I was still so perplexed because the amount of pain and discomfort I was experience did not seem consistent with just the baby’s small head being there. I had to tote a donut pillow around every where we went. I could hardly sit longer than 15 mins, had to lay down a lot to relieve the pressure, and had to stop exercising. I was completely miserable and disheartened that I was having yet another source of pain that may last through the whole pregnancy! Well, the day we cleared this pain hormone the tailbone pain went from an 8 to a 2 or 3. Its like now I probably feel the discomfort like a normal pregnant person would. I noticed this difference immediately.

A couple years ago I realized that every job I have had, including during college could be perceived as high stress, I was “on call” for almost everyone, encountering crisis situations on a daily basis. Mentally for me, these environments were normal. I functioned well under pressure, I rarely considered myself mentally stressed. But my body was experiencing something totally different, always in a state of being on call, ready to respond. Over the years I realized that because I am so much more a thinker than feeler, among other reasons, I have totally suppressed negative emotions and these having gone  under appreciated have also contributed to physical dysfunction. The NET identified specific events that  affected me physiologically and then quite simply as I was thinking of the emotions, the doctor adjusted my spine, as I held the substance – total craziness I admit. Even the identification process of events was cray cray, it was dependent on my muscle response not my memory. This process was actually really powerful in helping me recognize the need to process emotions healthily, and it initiated a new level of emotional healing for me.

I did 8 sessions of NET and within 2 weeks started feeling hugely different. Muscle Pain is just the cornerstone of Fibro but it has involved a lot more; sleep difficulties, profound exhaustion, digestive problems, among several other issues. I was taking 3 pain pills a day, even during pregnancy (under my Dr’s supervision). Even if one wore off in the middle of the night, I would wake up throbbing and take another one. Within 4 weeks of the NET, I was able to completely stop the pills. I have not had to take them anymore. The digestive problems are gone and I have a significant increase in energy. I used to be totally spent by 7pm, opting out of so many social events over the last month I have stayed out until 10-11pm like a normal person.

“Prayer & Medicine go together,” I grew up with my mom often quoting Oral Roberts on this. Its fascinating to see God use practical means to heal. He uses Chemo, heart surgery, and NET to heal but I give him all the credit because He fashioned and formed the people who have developed these interventions based on revelation about the body. His image and fingerprints are enmeshed in all of us. He has given humans His creative power to execute healing through various means.

This is huge in my healing journey but to be honest its been hard to fully celebrate. My longest standing problem is pain in my head/face/neck & jaw. This has been out of control since we got back to South Africa ( 4 weeks ago). My neck vertabrae C3 keeps slipping out of place. I have seen the pysio & Chiro twice each and I feel instant relief when its adjusted but within 30 mins its out again. This is the same with prayer, we pray multiple times per day, and tell it to go into place and it totally does ( I physically feel it moving)  but it only lasts 20-30 minutes and slips out, causing constant pain. I am currently living with a heat pack attached to me.  The NET also did not resolve the Rhumetoid Arthritus, so I still have aching/inflammation in my hands, wrists, ankles & feet, these are in addition to pregnancy discomfort, although I must say the rib pain has been so much less over the last two weeks.

On December 23, 2010 the Lord said I would be healed within 2 years. So as you can imagine my hopes are high and my patience is enduring. I do not think it random that our baby is due almost exactly two years from that word, on December 25th. I wanted to share the progress for so many of you who have faithfully prayed for me & also encourage anyone suffering from chronic pain to consider NET; to learn more and find a practitioner near you visit HERE.

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