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Its okay to grow weary.

Its okay to grow weary.

What have I learned from waiting? I’m always trying to discern the value. I don’t want to miss a thing, if only for a selfish motive: that it might shorten the wait time,  or prevent a future “training opportunity” because I didn’t grasp it the first time.

I’ve learned to put all my reliance on what He says and not on what I see, hear, or feel.

I’ve learned that peace can come through hope and not just relief.

I’ve learned that while His ways are not my own, I can respect and revere them because I know His heart and His character.

I’ve learned that hope deferred does make the heart sick, but (thankfully) through His spirit, my hope can be energized on an hourly basis.

I’ve learned that there is no triumph more deeply felt than the ones we have to wait and labor for extensively. This converts to the type of worship that touches Him the most.

I’ve learned that there is nothing that deepens relationship more than sharing pain with someone and being comforted by them; and if relationship is the actual goal then suffering can be a beautiful thing.

I’ve learned that friendship with God should not be based own what He does for me, or even what I give to and do for Him. A healthy relationship includes just being together and enjoying one another. It involves presence more than exchange. I’ve learned that my desire of what He has promised should not trump my desire for Him alone.

I have learned that when I am longing for just a simple apple and He withholds it, it is because He is preparing a banqueting table, perfectly detailed and set up right in front of my drooling enemy; where my cup will overflow and the satisfaction will be unearthly.

I’ve learned that being joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer is a full time job; and when the joy wavers and wanes, and the patience flat lines, that it doesn’t effect His banner over me, nor does it nullify the promise.

I’ve learned that its okay to grow weary.


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