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Miraculous Healing #1

So the Lord spoke that He would heal me through pregnancy and child birth and He is! Although I’m not surprised I’m deeply thankful. Jesus asked us to pray that ” His kingdom would come on earth as it is I heaven.” this is something John and I have been pursuing diligently in our lives. We want to be His brokers that bring His domain to those around us here and now. There is no need to wait for it.. Where He rules in the heavenly realm there is no pain, sickness, or disease. We still live in a different realm unfortunately, but we have access to this Kingdom and we are happy to dish it out liberally and receive it ourselves. Although it does not come without pursuit.

John and I made it to Bethel church in Redding, CA while we were in the US. We were not wanting to go on a mystical ” Mecca” journey, we were only interested in visiting a culture of faith and expectancy and Bethel has been seeing Jesus heal miraculously for several years now. On our first night, we sat in a service and I had two areas of my head throbbing, not unusual for me. I was so distracted but the speaker listed 4 things he wanted all of us to pray for, 1) headaches 2) a left shoulder ( my left one has chronic knots and pain), 3) Fibromylagia (ding!) and 4) Arthritus (ding, ding!)… I stood, we prayed, the headaches stopped and I didn’t feel a decrease in other pain but was encouraged that the Lord was calling it out a head of time.

The next day we visited their “healing rooms”, a lady was praying for lower back pain. At the time, my lower back on the left had been hurting for two weeks since we traveled to the US- this area has bothered me off and on for years. When I was in 6th grade I went to a chiropractor for scholiosis, and he showed me how my left foot was shorter than my right.. Later when I was 25 I went to an Osteopath in search of pain relief, who did cranial sacral therapy trying to reset the alignment of the body- I actually had to stop it because My alignment was so incorrect that after I would be realigned it hurt too much. My back, hips, legs were dysfunctional to say the least. Before this lady prayed for me she checked to see if one leg was shorter than the other…she saw my left one and she simple said, ” left leg grow” – me, her, and John watched as it visibly lengthened about 3/4 of an inch surpassing the right one. I’m thinking, ” oh great, I don’t want them to still be uneven.” She asked I wanted to be taller, and then said, ” right leg grow” and sure enough the right one extended to to same length as the left. I got up and moved around and the back pain was completely gone.

Normally this same back pain would happen if I slept a certain way. It was very predictable, so I always avoided this one position. Since I have been pregnant I have had to sleep that exact way, with my leg bent and hoisted up, while on my stomach and the back pain as never returned. Furthermore John had a bulging disc in the L5 of his spine, (lower back) – it was actually bothering him that day. He periodically takes ibuprofen because it will flare up. We prayed for him at the same time and his pain totally left and it has not bothered him since, this was two months ago now.

On the same day after this I had prayer for the Fibro, TMJ and RA- before anyone even prayed the Power of God came on me (if you have ever had ultrasound on your muscles it feels like these waves of pressure) this came over all of me but was extremely strong on my head, jaw, neck, and shoulder on the left side (the worst pain area of my body). This was a tangible feeling that happens to that area every time John prays for me, or I stop what I am doing and “receive”- I cant explain how to “receive” to anyone else but the Holy Spirit has taught me how. I do this sometimes 5-10 times a day, because it always brings relief. My jaw pulls left (the correct position) and these power waves pulse through all my muscles in my face, head, jaw, and neck. This feeling was not unfamiliar but it was like 10x stronger. I actually just received that for about 20 minutes, it’s an intense feeling but I didn’t want to shorten what the Lord was doing, I was thinking this was the final time and it would stay healed. Well for the next 24 hrs I had a total absence of pain in that whole area- it just felt numb. I must admitt I was afraid and knew it would come back as usual though. And it did.. I was confused and disappointed because my expectation is that Jesus heals completely, not half way. This had bothered me for sometime as I’ve been getting tangible pain relief for this area on a regular basis through prayer, but this the problem never stayed corrected.
However, the Lord encouraged me before I left, that there was nothing I could do to get this, that this is His plan that awaits a pointed time.

Before that trip When John and I prayed, I only got relief in that certain spot (left head, jaw, face, neck, shoulder) and it would last for 10, 20, 30 mins. Ever since then I have felt the healing power in new areas of my body where it’s needed. Specifically The right side of my neck, which causes a migraine. During our trip home my tailbone and surrounding area was killing me, as in it’s hard to sit longer than 10 mins and I had to buy adonut seat from Walgreens to carry with me everywhere I go. Super grandma embarrassing! I was totally dismayed… New, intense, inescapable, not going away pain. Apparently this is pregnancy associated and the baby’s head shifts the bones and surrounding muscles. Well after Redding when we prayed the pain would totally relent.. Hugely. Always came back but atleast I was getting episodic relief. We would tell the baby to move and He actually would!

The only problem is that he then moves up and my ribs start aching… Oh the joys of child bearing. But then we would tell my ribs to stop and they would too. So I actually had an even more amazing healing experience after this but will write in another installment. My point in sharing is for those who have been praying for me for so long. I can’t explain why and when He dispenses healing but I can follow hard after it. The kingdom of heaven is at hand. Jesus said He came to proclaim freedom for the spiritually and physically captive. He is doing it!

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