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Thanksgiving Baby

We started off giving thanks because we were celebrating the November American holiday; approximately 16 of us Americans had gathered to eat, drink, and be merry. The turkey was almost done but then the phone rang.

One of the local police departments had just been brought a newborn baby who was found in the bushes, could Baby Safe help? Always eager to receive so precious a life, Meehan, a staff member and fellow American preparing to feast was sent to the police to get the full story, confirm the baby’s health, and take her home for the weekend.

Dan & Meehan returned a couple hours later with the sweetest little chocolate skinned bundle. By the looks of her umbilical cord she was less than a week old. We named her Naomi Rae.  Naomi means “pleasant” and Naomi from the Bible, also lost her blood relatives but God gave her Ruth and Ruth CHOSE to be her family. Rae means “wise protection.”

We gave thanks that she was indeed protected and found in time. She is now in process to be adopted.

photo altered to protect her identity.


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