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the glory days

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the glory days

This past season of life seeped with beauty and magnificence. Most of us use the word glory apart from the context of God, we are usually exaggerating.

I feel like I can accurately use it though when I reflect on this past wedding season. The planning was mostly enjoyable. Planning a wedding for a creative person is the most exhilarating palate. Having executive power over every aesthetic detail, I won’t lie, was pretty amazing. By the end I was happy for my maids and coordinator to field the questions but for most of the time I busied myself with every detail. The day John asked me to marry him, he joked about me turning into bridezilla. Was I? No. But I do like things a certain way.

This season has been  so full. Every event has felt like a unique caption that I will treasure from here out. The bridal showers, the Tulsa pre-wedding reception, the bachelorette party, the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, the honeymoon, all the way to our Cape Town party; every event has been a treasured memory. The wedding week was the best part.  All the Arndts, my extended family, our wedding party, and additional friends, coming from Korea, Lebanon, South Africa, MN, NY, CO, CA, and OK, all convening in Oregon. Having most of your favorite people in one place, and all to celebrate our love and lives together, my heart almost burst. The weird thing is that when your in the midst of it all, you’re so overstimulated by tasks, reunions, it was hard to appreciate, to enjoy it to the fullest. Only now, after the revelry has ended, can I fully indulge in the significance of what has happened.

Every small event was a memory leading up to “the big day.” And what a day it was. In a 3rd floor ballroom in Salem Oregon, grand beauty and vintage magnificence filled the room. It felt like joy was dripping from the chandeliers as we posed, committed and danced. Oh how we danced.

The top 10 things I like about marriage so far …

1) It required a super beautiful & fun party to kick it off.
2) I have a constant companion whose company entertains & delights.
3) I have an assistant to aid in all of life’s tasks & errands. No one ever told me how helpful this is?
4) I have a keeper of my heart who regularly affirms all the good things in me. This level of nourishment is new and amazing.
5) I have a best friend who provokes deeper levels of patience, gentleness, and kindness to be cultivated in me.
6) I have someone who connects with all the passions in my heart and desires them the same amount that I do, and therefore prays into them with the same fervor. This spiritual partnership is better than I imagined.

7)The protection and comfort of a night time roommate, among other things is pretty great, especially in a country with the 2nd highest crime rate.

8) Oh yeah, I also love having a new identity; morphing into an Arndt. I am 100% O’Connor and love it so much, but also becoming an Arndt means I get a whole new set of meaningful relationships with the kind of in-laws that most people dream about.
I also love the concept of John & I against the world… we have started a new clan, a new family, we get the pleasure of creating a new culture that is purely our own.

9) I love being in love. It adds a lens to my world view that perceives life’s contents as so much richer than before. Its like adding dessert to an already fantastic meal.

10) Marriage helps me better picture how God wants to relate to me;  intimately, enjoyably, passionately,  and enduring. This is His plan for us, for him.

To see more photos, check out my amazing photographer’s blog, Ean Perkins (Salem, OR). I was so thrilled when he said our wedding was the funnest, most creative wedding he has ever done! Link:

To see even more, see this slideshow link:


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