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His heart for Zambia

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So we took a wee journey north to the country of Zambia. Still considered the southern part of Africa, this country is home 11 Million people. The average life expectancy is age 39.

Southern Africa, east of Angola and north of Botswana and Zimbabwe. Ethnic Groups:
African 98.7% (major tribes – Bemba, Kaonda, Lozi, Lunda, Luvale, Nyanja, Tonga, Chewa), European 1.1%, and other 0.2%.

+46.7% of the population are 0-14 years old. This country ranks 12 for the highest HIV/Aids rate.

My first year living in South Africa Missy & Jeremiah were my best friends, we did ministry together, lived together, ate dinner together and spent our days off together. They are from Michigan/Minnesota. After a year there, they went back to the US to finish their degrees. They both studied social work (!) and finished this May. Their plan all long has been to return to Africa and better empower it’s people. They moved to Zambia in June to join other friend’s Dan & Regina Bumstead, who started an All Nations base on the Zambezi river.


They flew me up there to complete an adoption home study for them, as they are attempting to adopt a child from Zambia. John was able to come too. We had a great time. John stayed out in the village a couple times, while we slept in town. He loves the rural life… I love a mattress and shower.

Missy & Jeremiah and Dan & Regina just moved to a new house in town, because there last house was robbed, not once but twice.  Their hopes are to eventually live on the base in the village… they just have to get some houses built. They have targeted a region of 18 villages that make up a specific kingdom. Granted favor by the local chief’s they have begun to empower locals towards transformation. Another missionary couple lives out there in a tent. I was amazed that they have made compost toilets, rigged up basic trickling showers  hidden in the reeds and a water purification system that pumps from the river. They have taught the villagers to sand filter there water so they will not get parasites, they have taught adults how to read, and witchdoctors and cult members alike that God sent Jesus to redeem their lives. They are learning these things in small bible studies scattered around the village, with a leader’s training meeting once a week.

Mis & Jer, Dan & Reg have no furniture (due to robbery), they have mattresses that are more like foam mats, and they don”t even have a working kettle at the moment. But these 4 and their team amazed me with their commitment to the Zambian people. Facing daily setbacks; like their trucks breaking weekly, electricity and water going out daily, and not being able to afford things like meat & cheese; they have planted themselves in a place of great sacrifice with many frustrations.

They recently had a few teams come through to build their first orphan home (see pic below). It was intentionally designed to keep the children in the communities they are used to, in a setting that is a part of their culture; but with a step up in living conditions. It has a toilet, bathtub, beds, and electricity! The first electricity brought out to the region. They have hired a house mom to stay there, and they already have their 1st two orphans. Little Monde seen below was found in a dark hut abandoned in one of the villages, curled in the fetal position with her eyes rolling back, she was so severely neglected she cringed at human touch. After a medical examination it was determined that she is 4 years old and physically has nothing wrong with her, apart from a failure to thrive. Having never stood up in her life and through lots of screaming she has learned to stretch her legs and walk a bit, in just a few short weeks of love and opportunity.

Part of their dream is to pioneer an international adoption program through their orphan homes. Zambian law requires any adoptive family to foster their child in country for three months. On the Love’s Door for All Nations base they hope to host adoptive families for this reason. We are navigating through a complex and disorganized social welfare system and of course  working with the US government. This process is already proving complicated, with fingerprints already lost, and fees being asked for again. It will possibly be long, and incredibly challenging but it is our prayer  of faith that it will pave the way for many children to be placed in loving families; those like Monde who would otherwise rot in a dark corner. To learn more about this ministry check out…  &

To donate towards furniture and living items for them you can do so on their websites .

Isaih 33:10 Now will I arise, says the Lord. Now will I lift up Myself; now will I be exalted. (psalm: because of the growing of the weary and the oppression of the afflicted – now will I arise!)

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