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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Update on Masi

May 23rd, 2011 by | Leave a comment

Here is an update on what has been happening in the last week or so with the relief efforts in Masi.

Almost all of our All Nations families have their shacks rebuilt! Through the donation given to the community relief efforts, as well as, donations given to All Nations we have been able to get lots of clothes to our families! We were given a big donation of mattresses and blankets. This past week we also were given a donation of non-perishable food packages and 30 boxes of brand new shoes from City Mission! Last week, we received a huge donation of furniture and household items from a family who immigrated! And in most recent news, Denzel Washington has been filming his newest movie in South Africa. They heard about the Masi fire, and now that they are done with the film, they have donated 12 truckloads of building material from the sets! God is continuing to provide! It has been a wonderful collaboration between the local community disaster relief team and our very own All Nations family members that have stepped up to meet as many needs as possible!

But there is still such need. Most lost everything in the fire. There lives have been shaken. There is still a need for items to be donated, (see below) but more than that they need the hope and love of Jesus to restore their lives! We feel God is saying that it is HARVEST TIME in the Wetlands in Masi! God has been preparing hearts and is calling his people to leave their ways of darkness and death to receive his light and eternal life! Please pray with us for the victims of the fire. That they would come to know the Hope of the nations and be restored by Him!

Items still needed:
(we are only accepting donations of these bigger items. All clothing, shoe, blankets, etc. can go to the community hall in Masi).
Furniture (Bed frames, cabinets, etc)
pots and pans
a wheelchair

A BIG Thanks to everyone who has helped in the efforts!

The Masi Team

5000 homeless

May 10th, 2011 by | Leave a comment

Massive Fire in Masi – 1500 Shacks Burn Down – 5000 Homeless

It’s the largest fire known to us in the history of the Western Cape. 1500 shack homes burned down two nights ago in Masiphumelele, and 5000 people are now homeless. We are sheltering people at Africa House (our church offices and training center). All Nations has been involved from the earliest moments the fire started – one of our leaders suffered smoke inhalation trying to rescue people.

It is devastating. Most disturbing has been the political chaos and conflicts; elections are coming up in a few days time.

Would you consider helping us? Please send even a small donation to the All Nations Crisis Relief Fund (see bank info below). We established the fund three years ago to help in disasters, provide crisis relief, and serve the poor we are partnering with in our work. Every cent goes to helping the poor in crisis situations.

This fire effected 8 “Vulnerable Children” families – child headed households. They lost everything in the fire. There were many more house church members and friends that have lost their homes. We are focusing on assisting about 40 families that we know personally. Everything was lost for them: clothes, life savings (hidden away in secret places in the shacks – many can’t open bank accounts), fridges, beds, blankets – people ran from the inferno with only the clothes on their back, like Joseph and his family of 8. Joseph takes care of maintenance at Africa House. He even lost all of his savings of about R2500 ($350), which is like small fortune for he and his family.

We can send you a specific list of people and their needs if you would like to pray for them or give to specific families.

Thank you…

In South Africa send a bank transfer to:

All Nations Crisis Relief Fund (Please mark “Crisis Relief Fund” in the reference line)
Standard Bank – Fish Hoek Branch
Acct. #076721051
Branch Code #03600980
Swift code – SBZA ZA JJ (for international transfers)

In the United States send your checks to:

All Nations Crisis Relief Fund – Cape Town

c/o Walsh and Washburn

Attn: Terri Yost

5360 College Boulevard, Suite 100

Overland Park Kansas 66211

Please attach a note saying it is for the Crisis Relief Fund in Cape Town

Lord have mercy…

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Well, its my 5th visit to Home Affairs to try and get a renewed visa, for 3 more years, the max time given at any one time.

We never go into this process expecting it to be quick or simple… And indeed it always meets our expectations.

I finally found the new building down town, which in moved to two weeks ago. I was delighted and impressed to get a front row parking space, directly in front of the entrance (its only good for 60 mins- praying my tire isnt booted). There was literally no other place to park.

As I pushed through the crowds of various ethnicities, I was impressed to see that the old system of walking in choosing a line, hoping it was the right one, waiting for an hour to find out its the wrong one, only to try and find another one, whose beginning is no less clear than identifying which line to be in; this system has been replaced with a concise take a ticket and wait till they call your number, system.

The only problem now is that my # is 6116 and as the photo shows, I’ve got a long time to wait. I better cancel my afternoon appts.

On a more positive note, I’m thankful to have been welcome in South Africa thus long. I’m thankful that I’m not asked to pay bribes for visas like some African immigrants are. I’m thankful that I am an American Passport holder, which will allow me to travel most anywhere in the world.

I need this visa before I leave the country on the 15th, otherwise I will not be able to get back in.

Prayers are welcomed – Visa Cometh!!

Salem Pregnancy Resource Center

May 2nd, 2011 by | Leave a comment

A Baby Safe presentation was recentely done at the SPRC annual banquet fundraiser.

Salem Pregnancy Resource Center has been behind me and supported Baby Safe from the beginning. They have faithfully supported me monthly and their contribution is bringing LIFE to South Africa!

Thank you for your faithful support SPRC!!!