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Baby B…

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You probably remember baby ‘B’…

How could you forget? Her story is heart wrenching and hopeful all in one. We are absolutely confident that God has plans for her future, plans that include, purity, safety, joy and relationship with Him. Over the last few months she has come into our care many times. Again, her situation has become unstable being that her mother will not stay behind bars and so we are asking for your prayers. This situation needs finality and closure. Each time her mother is unjustly released from prison, this child is in danger. Baby Safe has been on this case for about a year now and desperate for justice and finality. Please pray that the corrupt manner in which some of the police operate would stop interfering with this case and of which results in ‘B’s’ mom’s release from prison.

B’s mom is actually several months pregnant with a second child now… we also pray for this life, miraculous protection and preservation, as mom’s lifetstyle is destructive to say the least.

He defends the cause of the fatherless…Deuteronomy 10:18.

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