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The Power of Vulnerability.

I really liked this…

life is all about connection. shame:a lack of connection. research shows that people who have a strong sense of love and belonging are the ones who believe their worthy of it – whole hearted people live from a sense of worthiness, courage; (latin Cour)- meaning: heart – to tell your story with your whole heart, different from brave. Courage-Compassion- Connection (as a result of authenticity – embraces vulnerability. These people are willing to say I love you first. The willingness to invest in a relationship that may or not work out…living with vulnerability means you stop trying to control and predict. We numb vulnerability. You can not selectively numb emotion…You can’t say I don’t want to feel these… grief, shame, fear… without numbing the other affects, when we numb those we numb joy, gratitude, happiness…we make everything certain. Blame: a way to discharge pain and discomfort. Your imperfect and your wired for struggling, but your worthy of loving. Let ourselves be seen, deeply seen, to love with our whole hearts, to practice gratitude and joy in the moment of terror -to feel this vulnerable means I am alive. Then we are kinder and gentler to ourselves and the people around us.

The power of vulnerability

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