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hot of the press.

Rethink Monthly is a hard copy magazine featuring an article about me and my work here in SA. It is currently the feature story on their home page, check it!8116_1202632156114_1537908132_551450_84325_n

or try..

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  1. Alexandra says:

    My teacher, Mr. Rod Smith, from Indiana, has introduced my class to what you are doing. I think that you and your faith and commitment to your mission is inspiring. You are a role model that I think everyone should try to be like. When I grow up, I want to volunteer to help your cause. Currently, as a child, I will try to help the world as much as I can in my own little ways. I also revere your relationship with God. If times are ever hard for you, know that you will always be supported even by those who have never met you.

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