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walking with the poor

January 26th, 2009 by | Leave a comment

” There is something about the daily exposure to poverty and other ills of society which tends to tear away faith and make agents of change some of the most cynical people around”  The daily grind of poverty can mar our identity too”.   “When we seek after transformation and justice with too much zeal, we can turn into fanatics who love the struggle so much that we forget to love God, our neighbors and ourselves.”- Melba Maggay ( Walking with the Poor, by Bryant Myers)

I can definitely see where Melba is coming from. I see every day where this is a risk. But, I think that the beauty of walking with Jesus on one side and the poor on the other, actually, literally, and tangible brings change. I saw it today. The Vulnerable Children project I help lead, brought together a dozen kids who have never had a full or new school uniform in their lives ( they are mandatory here). A fifteen year old girl whose mom is dying of AIDS jumped up and down, when she was given her new crisp, clean, and complete school uniform. I had never seen her smile before. To be honest she is usual hard and kind of rude. This may not be the lasting change that us Justice mongers work for, but it certainly made my heart glad.

The change that I seek, and caught a glimpse of this same day, is another sponsored child’s mother Temiza,  who with tears in her eyes, said that she now sees that Jesus has actually done a miracle in her life. We read about Jesus’ first miracle together, when he turns water to wine in. John 2. It mentions how Jesus did this to reveal his glory and his disciples faith increased. She then realized that He has kept her alive with this same disease, so that she has seen her 8 year old daughter grow, live, be fed and now newly clothed. She is moving towards this force of love that changes the natural, but also shatters the eternal fate of all who call on His name.

This true and omniscient agent of change, has led a 3rd woman with AIDS, whose son is also sponsored, who we have been discipling, to initiate meeting with Temiza tomorrow to explain what Jesus has done in her life, and how she too can embrace a heart transformation, even in spite of a body that is failing, and a life that often holds more sadness that joy.

Jesus walks with the poor and He doesn’t just help, He saves.

*we still have 5 children who need sponsership, to learn more, send me an email or you can check out