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a voice for the voiceless

August 19th, 2008 by | Leave a comment

Pekama’s stepdad woke her up at 4am, so she would cook him some food. He hit her with a closed fist in the head and she couldn’t hear out of one ear. He hits her mom too. She asked me for help, as she is one of the vulnerable children in Masi that we spend time with. She is now staying with Wendy, in Masi, who is happy to take her in. She is safe now. He hid her clothes from her too, but she now has some new pants, shirts, and a her first pair of tennis shoes in years. She has been at Wendy’s for a week, and her disposition has changed. She smiles now, she hugs me, and she laughs. I had never seen her do any of these things before. We prayed with her mother as well, for her husband to find peace, to stop hurting them. Her mom who visits Pekama says he hasn’t gotten angry once, since that prayer. Jesus responds when people are being hurt and when children are afraid. We are building onto Wendy and Biza’s house this weekend, so they can take in 6 more children who find it hard to sleep at night due to hunger, sadness, or abuse. Wendy hasn’t committed herself to Jesus yet, but she says she can feel His spirit in her house, when we are doing bible study with these kids.

Micah was left at the hospital, as his mom scurried away after giving birth to him. His first weeks of life, his tiny body trembled from drug withdrawals. He is 10 weeks old now and I have the privilege of taking him from his children’s home, to my house on the weekends, so he can have some individual attention. I am helping this children’s home develop a foster care and adoption recruitment and training program. Sadly, most kids removed from homes or abandoned will grow up in children’s homes. Child Welfare here doesn’t have an efficient way of getting them into families. We are praying that they will be open to our proposal, once the curriculum is developed.

Charla (name changed) is a drug addict and had an illegal late term abortion when she was 16. It was terrible and traumatic. I met with her this week, through our Baby Safe pregnancy counseling services, because she is pregnant again at 19. Her mom was forcing her to abort and had made an appointment for this Monday. Charla decided she did not want to do it, but she knew she would need a place to stay because her mom would surely kick her out. We found her the last bed left in Cape Town, for a pregnant girl needing a home. After we did a secret drive by of her house, so I would know where to pick her up, we prayed together. We prayed that her mom’s heart would change, that she would accept her decision and support her; we prayed that the Jesus she once accepted would show himself strong as she starts a new chapter in life. When I went to fetch Charla, her mom had in fact changed her mind; Charla was beaming because of her answered prayers. An unborn life is preserved. We will try to connect her with a life group with other young moms in her community, as she seems committed to stay off drugs and follow Jesus.

All these children seemingly weak and defenseless; but yet there is One speaking up for them, One who is redeeming their would be fate. He is the One, intervening as a voice for the voiceless.